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Chris Morris
owner of 
Dreamy Dragonfly Pottery
She is living in
Dahlonega, Ga. After many years of living in Northern Virginia and Southwest Florida, Chris moved to the North Georgia mountains in 2007. She says that she finally has the home studio she has longed for. There
are so many amazing potters in this area and she always enjoys meeting
and learning from them.
Old School House Antiques & More Mall 
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Even though pottery is her passion, gardening and learning the plants of the region are a priority. They bring a lot of color and enjoyment to her life. Chris gets a lot of inspiration from the garden, using hints of plants and flowers in her designs. Flea market gardening is also a big interest. You may have seen her work displayed at Mountain flower festival or Gainesville's Art on the Square festival. Her jewelry bowls are always popular gifts and because of them she has added earrings to her collections. Chris prefers to make functional pieces that can be used in daily life to make them beloved possessions. You can view some of Chris's work on her Dreamy Dragonfly Pottery Facebook page.​